Thursday, April 9, 2009

Portrait of a Real Author - Janet Elaine Smith

Janet Elaine Smith is a real author. I say that because her books are well-written and well-received. Just last week, I rounded out my collection of JES books. I look forward to all others that she'll undoubtly write in the near future.

The second thing I love about JES is her dedication to the craft of writing and marketing. She works tirelessly with the groups spreading knowledge and inspiration. You will definitely want to visit her website.

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JanetElaineSmith said...

Wow! I just got a Google Alert about this. Thank you so much. And yes, I guarantee a fun read in any of my books. A new one, Maiden Rock Mistress, just went up at Barnes & Noble today and is on Amazon (still listed as not available, but soon, I promise) today. It starts with a very prim and proper falling "in the drink" in Lake Pepin. It is a historical romance. Have fun! I am.
Janet Elaine Smith